Moving on . . .

It’s a weird stage of life – graduating from college, moving home, getting engaged, planning a wedding, looking at buying houses – and trying to be productive without actually having a job. We’re working on that.  However, I do have a really long list of sewing jobs that need to get done. Currently it’s going something like this –

  • Fixing three bunads (sister 1, sister 2, commission)
  • A bunad shirt for the fiance (by hand, if my resolution stays firm)
  • Three bunad vests (fiance, father, and commission)
  • Remaking my future-sister-in-law’s wedding dress (yay!)
  • Making my wedding dress (Am I insane?)

Basically, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy. For a long time.


Draping the front of my wedding dress pattern. I think I need to swing some bust darts, but so far, so good!


Back of the dress, first attempt. We’ll see how this goes when it actually gets put on me and not a inferior and less curvaceous copy of myself.


And my fiance’s bunad shirt. I don’t normally cross stitch, so don’t judge. It’s hard in a non-even-weave fabric!


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