How To – Whipped Seams




I’m slowly plugging away on work on my fiancee’s new bunad shirt. I’ve challenged myself to do it all by hand and do it in spurts when I’m in the mood to sit down and work on something while watching TV or a movie.

Here’s a quick guide of how to do a whipped seam – it’s a wonderful way to do the edge of collars and cuffs on 18th century shirts!

IMG_8383First – fold over the edge you want to sew approximately 1/4″.


The edge folded over the whole length.


Fold the piece in half and pin.


Starting at the bottom edge (not the folded edge, but the raw edges on the bottom of the cuff/collar. Take tiny stitches about a 1/16th of an inch down from the folded edges, approximately a 1/16th apart.


Here you can see the tiny stitches. They need to be tight, but not tight enough to start gathering the fabric together.


Here you can see the finished seam from the outside – it’s a very firm, very solid seam.


Again, you can see the corner here. This style of seam on collars and cuffs makes wonderful corners!


And the finished, folded edge. You can see that the seam has a tiny bit of a roll to it on each side. That’s from the whipped fabric beneath. Makes a nice firm edge on each side of the cuff or collar!

Hopefully I’ll continue documenting how this shirt gets put together – right now, the sleeves need to be gathered and attached to the cuffs. More tiny sewing – beautiful >1/8th rolled hems and tiny gathers. I must be a sucker for punishment because this is fantastically fun.



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