Chugging along

I’m terrible at blogging.

It’s true.

April was bleh. May was crazy. June is going to be equally crazy because now starts The Great Wedding Dress adventure. I have my pattern finished. I have all of my fabric. It’s all good to go. Now I just need to . . . egads. I have to CUT FABRIC. I dyed my fabric without giving myself a heart attack (did you know that some lace comes in optic white, and almost all silk is NOT optic white?)

Wedding invitations need to be made, final catering details need to be made, and then we launch into the season of my fiance’s two sisters who are also getting married this summer.

Oh yeah, and we bought a house. And it needs painting. So that’s happening too.

I’m hoping to consistently blog more about life, because, face it, life is sometimes interesting. Whether that’s gardening, or home improvement on a shoestring, or sewing or just life in general. Life is a rollercoaster and most of the time I enjoy it. God is immensely and beautifully good and I think that needs to be shared!


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