Date Night Kit – Star Trek

For my first date night kit (and possibly the best one…I kind of forgot to save the best for last!) I’m working on a Star Trek themed date.

The box will include the following – all graphics assembled by yours truly using Photoshop CS3 and various fonts and clipart found on the web.


StarTrek: Date Night Instructions


Captain’s Green Uniform Shirt

First Officer’s Gold Uniform Tank Dress

Earl Grey copy

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot (Custom Envelope for Tea Bags – Earl Grey Envelope PDF for Print)

Popcorn copy

Star Fleet Popcorn (Custom Wrapper/Label – StarFleet Popcorn – PDF to Print)

Andorian Ale copy

Andorian Ale (Blue Soda!) – (Custom Wrapper/Label – Andorian Ale Label for Print)

Drinking Game copy

StarTrek: TOS Drinking Game (StarTrek: TOS Drinking Game PDF for Print)

And I’m going to make a TOS episode selector . . . so far, not too many great ideas on how to accomplish that, but it WILL get done, even if it’s drawing names from a hat!


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