Date Night Kits

For my future sister and brother in law’s wedding (because my fiance’s two sisters are BOTH getting married this summer), I decided it’d be really fun to go with a set of date night kits/boxes.

The ground rules:
– It has to be inexpensive. My most expensive box is going to cost about $30, and that was just because ThinkGeek just HAPPENED to have a killer sale and I couldn’t pass it up, could I?
– It has to reflect them as a couple, and be something they’d both enjoy.
– It’s great if it’s geeky and has a theme.
– It needs to have at least one non-disposable item in it for each of them.

I’m going to do a series of posts as I make these of everything that goes into them, and hopefully pictures of the completed kits.

Here’s what I’m working on so far:
– StarTrek: Date Night!
– Hot and Steamy: Date for a summer night without AC
– Coffee and Tea: Lazy Saturday morning
– Firefly: Best Date in the ‘Verse
– Picnic: Inside Edition
– StarWars: Return of the Date

First up . . . Star Trek!


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