No pictures?!

I give up. My poor camera. I took it to Yakima this last weekend, intending to take pictures of how beautiful the valley is in the fall. Fail. I either forgot about it or it didn’t work. It’s old. I’m pretty sure we got it in early 2007, after our first camera was stolen.  It’s so old it means I don’t have an in computer card reader to get pictures off of it, I have to use the painfully slow USB cord to get it. It’s so old it doesn’t have USB 3.

Anyway. Maybe it’ll dry out and start working again.

So, blog post without pictures.  That’s okay, I guess, because writing workbook pages, watching Modern Marvels and drinking obscene amounts of tea is absurdly boring.

I surprised myself today when looking at my schedule for Ancient History – instead of going straight onto India, last year I scheduled a week just for geography. Yay! . . . I still have no idea what we’re doing in class, but the workbook is all done.  Thankfully, I did discover a really fun resource – National Geographic has a great selection of huge mega monster maps, table top maps and 1 page maps, all available for free. And they’re customization! The big maps are printed out and tiled together, which I’m toying with using for class on Monday.

The Husband’s parents and sister are coming over for dinner. I’m really excited – I haven’t seen his sister since our wedding. She and her husband moved to Tennessee for work and as such, we don’t see much of them.

On that note, I better finish up prep for classes and clean the house. And maybe do laundry (ha. Fat chance of that, self.)






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