Nine pots and six bowls later . . .

Today started out pretty crappy, honestly. Nothing like a good morning funk to throw your day out of whack. Cold house, quizzes to write and a nagging and unsettling dream still rolling around in my head.

…so I decided to launch into dinner. Pioneer Woman’s Italian Chicken Soup, to be exact.

Nine pots, six bowls and three hours later, dinner turned out to be 6 quarts of soup. For two people. Opps.

Good thing there’s a potluck tomorrow. (Though that may have been a motivation all along.)

The taste tests confirms: yes, it was all worth it. Goodness gracious, that is one heck of a soup. Peoples of the world – go try it now. Go buy the heavy whipping cream and fresh oregano (which I will do next time…the dried isn’t quite the same) and the bell pepper (two, not one…that was a mistake) and the chicken and the stock and the celery and the onion and the tomatoes . In fact, get some tomatoes and stew them yourself. Stew extra, because it’s better with more.

I may or may not be able to stop thinking about this darn soup and when I can justify having another bowl. Ahem.

My guilty conscious is now telling me to go on a run. That cream in that soup…

I hate my guilty conscious, but I think it’s right.


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