Washington DC – 1/14 – 1/17

Here’s a couple of quick snapshots of the first few days in DC . . .

communist shelves

Tuesday: The communist grocery store in the Crystal City Underground.


Wednesday Morning: Leaving for a trip to the Pentagon City Mall + Harris Teeters. Hauled back 20 lbs of groceries and effectively killed my feet. Rocked the PNW REI look among the suits.

Washington Monument

Wednesday Evening: Walked with Rik from L’Enfant metro to the Arlington metro at sunset. Long but worth it . . . and we both effectively killed our feet – again.

Lincoln Memorial

Wednesday Evening: Interior of the Lincoln Memorial.


Thursday: View out of the apartment at 5:00am. Getting up at 4:00 isn’t actually that bad.


Thursday morning: Crystal City metro station. Such an iconic bit of architecture.


Thursday: Exterior of the National Gallery of Art. After finishing grading I popped into town just as the museum was opening.

West Garden

I managed to get through just the west side of the upper floor. Rembrandt was the highlight, for sure, but the rest of the stuff was really interesting too.

Dying Gaul

The Dying Gaul – just to show my students when I get back. It’s dates to the 1-2nd century BC,  from a villa outside Rome.

Apartment Sunrise

Friday: Stayed home (except for a trip to Rite-Aid to buy laundry detergent) and puttered around. We’ll probably go somewhere this afternoon/evening. Three day weekend, here we come!


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