Spring has sprung – and so has the slog.









Well, it doesn’t exactly feel like spring has sprung when it comes to workload, but outside, it certainly does. The crocus are blooming, the slugs are out, and my new tulips are getting attacked by cutworms. Evil little bugs.

In college, January was a new semester, with new classes, new classmates, a new play and a new cast.

This year, January meant that the curriculum I had spent all summer prepping ran out, and I was back to prepping it week by week. So it’s turned into the spring of The Slog. In some ways it’s nice – I’m prepping the homework as I prep the activities and lectures.

Between all of that, I’ve been fitting in other stuff – making lefse, going to meetings at the historical society, more meetings elsewhere. It’s also the month of dance performances: my class had one at our local lutefisk dinner, and another last night. At least I finally remembered to wash my bunad. Smelling like a gym bag isn’t a real great way to make friends.

Then there are the few days that I’ve spent substitute teaching at a local district. I actually enjoy subbing way more than I thought I would. It’s super, super fun.

There’s a couple of photos up there of my dance class – we had another performance last night and they NAILED it. Working with them every week is so much fun, and one of the best parts of my week. We’ve been learning so much together and it’s just been a great experience for everyone.

Oh, and that fabric? I ordered a bunch of half yard pieces of oil cloth/laminated cotton. After having to call a week after it ordered to remind them to cut it, I was a little surprised when I got the package. Only two pieces were actually half a yard – most of them were closer to a whole yard, with no consistency on size. Ooops. Their loss, my gain, I guess, but how weird.


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