Flowers, flowers and more flowers. And some trees.

IMG_20150215_180219 IMG_20150216_194502 (1) IMG_20150224_195056 IMG_20150224_195400 IMG_20150224_195834


IMG_20150303_125125 IMG_20150306_092859 IMG_20150306_093032

Flowers, flowers and flowers. Trees and trees. A couple of shrubs here and there.

Despite a light frost now and then, we have officially moved into the realm of spring. All of the daffodils are blooming, and I barely glimpsed the hint of a bud on the tulips yesterday. Scents of daphne and hyacinth float lightly on the air as you walk out the front door, and trips to the Valley Nursery are a weekly occurrence.

After a year of searching, we finally found flowering cherries that we could afford. They’re in the front bed, facing the street. Now we wait, hope and baby those things to an inch of their life. When we first bought the house, flowering cherries along the street was stroke of landscape genius. It only took a year to find trees that weren’t $100 a piece.

We’ve dogsat, been to Seattle, Canada and Yakima. There’s been beautiful sunsets, sunny days and dreary days. My students demand incessently that we have class outside – the sun is hard to resist, even when it’s only 50º. When it hit 65º I had to let in – we played tag outside for the final half an hour of class.

There’s no snow on our mountains – they look as if we’re in the middle of summer already. Meanwhile, the eastern seaboard is trying to dig out from yet ANOTHER blizzard. As lovely as snow sounds, I have to admit – I like our spring better.


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